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Babel Gallery Trondheim, Norway

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A Plastic Vision

Looking Through Painting: Nature, Ecology and Digital Amnesia


Composite video from a panel discussion/presentation at 2014 CAA conference Chicago. Panel topic was Painting in the Digital Age, a 21st Century Re-Contextualization:

Looking Through Painting-Nature, Ecology, and Digital Amnesia

It is digital media and the evolving ecology of digital social relationships that influence our visions of the non-human. It is of course a new age of information gathering and consumption with new responsibilities and ramifications.  Streaming digital video, web cams, digital collages, mash ups, and video-logs via high-speed dissemination all act as elements of a viscous liquid of light and sound painting our experiences of how we assemble information. The human experience exists as a detachment between analogue and digital modes of absorption and memory.  There can no longer be a singular discourse of nature as a vision or experience. Our vision of nature has changed and will continue to mutate through the digital viewfinder. It is art and community that can reflect and visualize the blind spots of an ecological digital affect on community and nature.





Air in Smoke

air in smoke